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IF you want to tap in to an exploding workforce, locate to Frankston.

Frankston City has a growing population with close to 142,000 calling the city home, an increase of 12% since 2011. Frankston’s 36,000 businesses generate employment for over 44,000 people.

IF you want a quality education for your kids, or even for yourself, Frankston City is the place for you.

Frankston and surrounding suburbs has 44 public and private schools, including highly sought after Frankston High School and three top tier independent schools – Woodleigh School, Toorak College and The Peninsula School.

IF your business needs language skills, then Frankston is an ideal place to locate.

Data from the 2016 census reveals that over 80% of residents’ speak English at home. For the remaining population, the top languages spoken includes Greek, Mandarin, Italian, Malayalam (Indian Language), Spanish, German, and Russian.

As well as the languages spoken by residents in Frankston, the surrounding local districts of Greater Dandenong, Casey and Kingston have a diverse population and are only a short drive away or can be accessed by Public Transport.

Language skills in adjoining districts include Vietnamese, Greek, Mandarin, Khmer (Cambodian), Hararagi (Afghanistan), Cantonese and various languages from the Indian sub-continent.


Frankston’s economy has been booming over the last few years. Record public sector investment in infrastructure improvements and new facilities has sparked in an influx of private investment, a significant increase in local employment and a large reduction in unemployment.

Frankston City’s economic output or Gross Regional Product is a massive $12.7 billion.

The major contributors to output are:

Industry Sector $M %
Construction $2,403.180 18.9%
Manufacturing $2,161.709 17.0%
Rental, Hiring & Real Estate Services $1,535.746 12.1%

Frankston City’s regional exports are an impressive $2.6 billion. Four key sectors dominate economic activity that is exported out of the city. This includes manufacturing and construction, providing goods and services to Victoria and beyond.

  Frankston (C) (2018 Release 1)
Industry Sector $M %
Manufacturing $787.312 29.6%
Construction $540.863 20.4%
Electricity, Gas, Water & Waste Services $413.568 15.6%
Health Care & Social Assistance $242.028 9.1%
Education & Training $81.557 3.1%
Administrative & Support Services $65.476 2.5%
Retail Trade $62.375 2.3%
Rental, Hiring & Real Estate Services $57.809 2.2%
Transport, Postal & Warehousing $57.660 2.2%
Financial & Insurance Services $56.541 2.1%
Wholesale Trade $55.220 2.1%
Accommodation & Food Services $45.606 1.7%
Information Media & Telecommunications $41.444 1.6%
Other Services $35.376 1.3%
Professional, Scientific & Technical Services $31.524 1.2%
Agriculture, Forestry & Fishing $31.294 1.2%
Arts & Recreation Services $30.475 1.1%
Mining $13.532 0.5%
Public Administration & Safety $5.972 0.2%
Total $2,655.632  

Frankston businesses provide diverse employment opportunities for over 44,000 people. This has increased by 23% in 3 years.

There a similar growth story for the city’s economic output, growing by nearly $3 billion or 31% between 2015 and 2018.

The two key employment precincts of Carrum Downs and Frankston Metropolitan Activity Centre also experienced significant growth.

Precinct Employment 2015 Employment 2018 and % growth Economic output 2015 Economic output 2018 and % growth
Carrum Downs 4,786 7,501 – 57% growth $2,292 million $3,385 million – 48% growth
Frankston Metropolitan Activity Centre 10,107 11,865 – 17% growth $1,890 million $2,727 million 44% growth


IF you want your pick of some of Victoria’s top talent, Frankston City is the place to set up shop.

Frankston businesses provide diverse employment opportunities for over 44,000 people. This has increased by 23% in 3 years. The growth in employment in the City has been reflected in the decline in Frankston’s unemployment rate, which is 5.36% in March 2019 compared with 8.33% 4 years earlier.


Carrum Downs

Approximately 12,000 employees in areas such as:

• 39 % (4,618) in within Health Care & Social Assistance industry – reflecting employment within the Health and Education Precinct
• 17 % (1,979) in Retail Trade – reflecting Frankston’s status as a major sub-regional shopping centre
• 11 % (1,302) in Public Administration and Safety – reflecting key local, state and central government departments and agencies based within the central city
• 6% (669) in Accommodation & Food Services – reflecting the central city’s role as a key hospitality and visitor destination.

Approximately 7,500 employees in areas such as:

• 28.3% (2,124) in Manufacturing – the key growth driver for the precinct
• 27.8 % (2,089) in Construction (71 % within the construction services sector) – reflecting the precinct’s role in supporting construction in the city and wider region
• 7.7% (575) in Retail Trade – reflecting key retail parks serving Carrum Downs
• 7.3% (545) in Wholesale Trade – reflecting the precinct’s role as a key distribution node for the city and sub-region.

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