Economic boost for Frankston City as horticultural firm Ball Australia moves to Skye

Up to 19 new jobs will be created when horticultural firm Ball Australia relocates from Keysborough to the City of Frankston. The new employees will include up to 12 retrenched auto workers. Industry and Employment Minister Wade Noonan announced the company would get a $350,000 grant to support its multi-million dollar project to establish a new production and administration site in Skye. The new 20ha site will feature advanced equipment including germination chambers and hi-tech environmental controls. Ball Australia managing director Paul Boland said the move had been planned for years.

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Business hub in the heart of Frankston

Frankston City Council welcomes the launch of the city’s first dedicated co-working space and business hub in the heart of the city centre. Known as the Frankston Foundry, the initiative aims to turn the office space on the top level of the Commonwealth Bank building on Wells Street into an innovative business hub for the next six months. Expressions of Interest have already been received from over 30 businesses who wish to use the space on either a full time or casual basis, among which include a block-chain startup, an augmented reality consultancy, software development firms...

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$70 million revamp of Frankston Chisholm to provide massive boost for local economy

The $70 million revamp of Frankston Chisholm will provide a massive boost for the local economy, say industry figures. Greater Frankston Business Chamber president Kath Ferry said the redevelopment — due to start construction early next year — would benefit both industry and students. Ms Ferry said state-of-the-art facilities and greater links between Chisholm and industry were a major plus. “It will be fantastic for local business,” she said. “It gives students opportunities to make linkages that will ultimately enhance the economic development of the area.”

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