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Port of Hastings

The Port of Hastings is located in Western Port, about 72km south east of Melbourne.  It it one of four major working commercial trading ports operating in Victoria.

The Port of Hastings' main trade groups include import/export of oil, liquid petroleum gas (LPG) and unleaded petrol (ULP)

Frankston City has an important role to play as the government and commerce hub for the Port of Hastings, it is located conveniently just 22km away.  Firms that process import/export documentation and customs brokers will need an administrative base in the region, which Frankston is perfectly placed to provide.

An expanded Port of Hastings will increase capacity and competition in the container ports sector servicing Melbourne and Victoria.  This will help manage the expected growth in container trade.

The port supports refining/fractionation plants, gas and oil strorage and load-out facilities.  The port is also the southern terminal for several pipelines carrying gas and oil  to coastal markets.

Around 100-150 vessels are recorded at the port each year, ranging in size up to 100,000 tonnes.

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