Structure Plan

Frankston Structure plan to shape our city’s vision for 2031

On Monday 25 May, Frankston City Council adopted the Frankston Metropolitan Activity Centre Structure Plan, to create a strong guide to shape the city until 2031.

The Frankston Metropolitan Activity Centre Structure Plan will guide development, land use, movement, public realm/open space, strategic opportunities and economic/social planning and sustainability within this important services and employment location.

The Plan highlights a number of priorities to ensure our City has a clear framework to achieve:
• Planning and building design to attract greater investment and promote high quality architecture within the Frankston Metropolitan Activity Centre
• Establishing Frankston as the major retail, business and hospitality centre in the region
• Supporting projects that promote the activation and revitalisation of the city’s streets
• Ensuring that the city has adequate housing available in the centre of the city, to meet increased demand for inner city lifestyle, that accompanies business and population growth
• Cementing Frankston’s position as the health and education hub for the region, by supporting additional health services and expansion of tertiary institutions
• Meeting increased demand for arts and culture in Frankston, by developing an arts and culture precinct

The Frankston Metropolitan Activity Centre Structure Plan focuses on a central activity area within Frankston City that includes the Frankston Waterfront, Kananook Creek, Beauty Park, Monash University, Chisholm, Frankston Hospital, Bayside Shopping Centre, the Frankston Transit Interchange, inner-city Frankston residential properties and Ebdale Hub.                                 

Consultation was undertaken from July until October 2013 to prepare the Metropolitan Activity Centre Structure Plan. A series of additional workshops were undertaken by Councillors in 2014 to further review and update the draft document and associated Action Plan.

Council has lodged a request with the Minister for Planning for authorisation to prepare an Exhibition of Amendment C123. Community members will have an opportunity to contribute to consultation as part of the further review process.

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